Activity Buses

Activity buses, built for safety, comfort and efficiency.

Field trips. School teams. Band competitions. Scouts. Summer camps. For every trip, there is a Thomas Built activity bus to get you there. And every one is built to the same high standards of quality and safety. In fact, Thomas Built activity buses meet Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) standards. Our history as a leading maker of school buses sets Thomas Built apart. No matter what bus you choose, whether it’s an 18-passenger Minotour® or a 90-passenger Saf-T-Liner® C2, you’ll have the peace of mind that it’s a Thomas Built. Your Thomas Built dealer can help you decide the best choice for your needs.


Thomas Built has constructed the Minotour® activity bus with all the peace-of-mind features that come standard in our larger buses, like the one-piece skirt-to-skirt roof bows and the 12-guage steel wrap-around bumper. The Minotour® meets or exceeds all FMVSS and CMVSS for school buses, making it significantly safer than a typical 15-passenger van. It’s also easy to drive and maneuver, while providing outstanding interior roominess. In addition, the Minotour® can be configured with a wide range of optional features, from wheelchair lifts to overhead racks.

For more information please review the Minotour® Activity Spec Sheet.


When searching for the right bus to transport a large group, most organizations want something safe, reliable and versatile. That’s why the Thomas Built Saf-T-Liner® C2 has been a top choice for many years. We can easily customize it to meet your specific needs, including popular features like coach-style seating, overhead roof racks, video systems and tinted windows. The C2 sets the industry standards, with outstanding maneuverability, exceptional driver ergonomics and the most visibility among all Type C buses.

You’ll notice the C2 looks different than other Type C buses. We developed this design to achieve outstanding visibility and safety. The windshield provides a panoramic view, and when combined with the low sloping hood, low instrument panel and A-pillar windows, the visibility footprint is the largest in the type C category. The C2 can be configured for 14 to 81 passengers and comes with options for traditional or alternative fueled engines. Contact your Thomas Built dealer for help selecting the perfect specifications for you.

For more information please review the Saf-T-Liner® C2 Activity Spec Sheet.


The Saf-T-Liner® EFX is a front-engine, transit-style bus that is versatile and an excellent value. With plenty of room for up to 90 passengers and a wider loading aisle, this activity bus is a great choice for large groups, from football teams and high school bands to youth groups and field trips. Thomas Built also designed the cockpit for driver comfort and safety with ample leg room and optimized access to controls. For easy routine maintenance, our engine cover allows quick, tool-free access to the engine, fluids and belts. The EFX activity bus was designed after listening to drivers and mechanics, so we could help maximize efficiency. And with one of the most extensive dealer networks in the industry, you’ll always have support nearby.

For more information please review the Saf-T-Liner® EFX Activity Spec Sheet.


The Saf-T-Liner® HDX is a transit-style activity bus available with either diesel or CNG-fueled rear engines. It’s ideal for large groups and was designed for comfort on even the longest bus excursions. Heavy-duty shock absorbers take on any terrain, from mountain roads to narrow city streets, while the rear-engine design keeps the ride nice and quiet for the driver. Options like coach-style seating, pass-through under body storage, overhead book racks and air conditioning help accommodate up to 90 passengers. And of course, nothing is more important than Thomas Built’s high standards of safety, demonstrated by meeting and often exceeding FMVSS/CMVSS. All that, combined with one of the most extensive dealer networks in the industry, makes the HDX an excellent, long-term choice.

For more information please review the Saf-T-Liner® HDX Activity Spec Sheet.